Sandstone Retaining Walls

Central Coast

Sandstone retaining walls

Living on the Central Coast give’s you a lot of landscaping benefits. One of those benefits is the use of sandstone. A sandstone retaining wall can add a unique touch to your property that only sandstone can offer.

Sandstone is a great choice for the construction of your new retaining wall giving it a real natural look, giving It a different look from your typical retaining wall.

You cannot get the natural look of sandstone from any other material, this is exactly why sandstone is an attractive option for your property.

We have vast experience in building sandstone retaining walls.

When it comes to the wall itself you do have options. Size, colours and shapes, it’s up to you and the look your after. However, what we won’t budge on is the quality of the product. We only source and use the best sandstone, that you can be assured of.


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Benefits Of Sandstone Retaining Walls.


Sandstone is not always the option we’d recommend. However, we would recommend sandstone for those areas where you’re after both style ad support are needed at a competitive price. 

We would and will recommend a sandstone retaining wall in the Central Coast area for the following reasons or benefits.


  • These types of walls are your best option when looking to add a touch of class to your property.
  • Sandstone retaining wall blocks will add structure and are a solid and dependable choice
  • Installation of a sandstone wall is not an issue, once, in place, they are there for good, there not moved easily.
  • We have the skills to build any type of versatile design with sandstones, for example, curved, straight, and steps are all possibilities. especially when you want to design your property to your liking. 
  • Sandstone will add exceptional value and style to your landscaped area, without question. Allowing you to have a unique landscaped area that sets your home apart.
  • One huge benefit is that sandstone retaining wall blocks are not as expensive as other options due to their long-term durability, plus the time and labour factors do come into play which also will make it more of an attractive option.


Lead by Reece we are located on the Central Coast. We cover from North Sydney right up to Newcastle. We can build any type of retaining wall large or small. We are you go to local retaining wall builder.


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