Retaining Walls Gosford

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The Team At  RCD Landscaping Build Quality Retaining Walls In Gosford.

Retaining Walls Gosford

Reece and the team are your company when it comes to building retaining walls in Gosford and the surrounding areas. 

We specialise in all types of retaining wall construction as well as landscaping as well, giving you an all-round professional custom service. 

Sandstone walls, concrete sleeper or block, rock and timber are the most popular. Having said that we can build any wall you wish.

Give Reece a call to arrange an on-site meeting. Reece will be able to give you the best advice and options to maximise your backyard potential while minimising your back pocket as much as possible. 

With years of experience in building quality retaining walls in the Central Coast area, we know we can deliver you the best possible service and the best possible product for your home. That’s always our number one goal and what we pride ourselves on.

Check out our work and give us a call to arrange your on-site retaining walls quote.

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Our Retaining Walls


Concrete Walls

Cement retaining walls are a very popular option, especially the sleeper concrete walls. Concrete is a versatile option and one of the most common types of retaining walls used. Many options and styles to suit your needs.


Timber Walls

Looking for a natural look and feel. A timber retaining might be what you're looking for. If timber is the natural look your after, we can help you decide on the best option for you and your property.


Sandstone Walls

A sandstone retaining wall is what the Central Coast is all about. They give you style and a lot of class to any landscaped area. A number of options available. An affordable option for any property.


Block Walls

Block retaining walls are another style. Used in a number of forms. Block retaining walls have plenty of benefits. They are a clean style retaining wall great for gardens and small structural support areas.


Rock Walls

A rock retaining wall is the true natural landscaped look. The boulder rustic style or more of a hand built rock retaining wall or a smooth rock finish. All look totally stunning and well worth the effort.


Bluestone Walls

Bluestone retaining walls are pretty similar to the sandstone. Again they look perfect for any landscape garden. They are long lasting and easy to maintain. A solid style wall option for your property

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Retaining Wall Repairs Or Rebuilds


On occasions, you may need a retaining wall repair. There’s a few reasons why this could happen. If this is the case please give us a call. We’ll be able to give you the right advice on either a wall repair or on occasions you might need a full replacement.

We’ll discuss your available options and provide you with a fully explained written quote with all the options available for you at the best possible price. 

If you do require a new build this might be a good time to enhance the look of your property and look at other wall options as well. Again this can be something we can discuss with you in person if you’d like to look at this option as well.

This option also might be an opportunity to increase the value and street appeal of your property, especially if your current retaining wall is old and outdated. 

Gosford is within our service area, and we know the area well having lived on the Central Coast all my life. So if you’re in need of a professional landscaping company that specializes in top notch retaining walls please give us a call.


Lead by Reece we are located on the Central Coast. We cover from North Sydney right up to Newcastle. We can build any type of retaining wall large or small. We are you go to local retaining wall builder.


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