We build concrete sleeper retaining walls Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Gosford and the outer areas.

What You Can Achieve With Concrete Retaining Walls 

One of the most popular types of walls for your Central Coast home are concrete retaining walls. What they can offer for your home in terms of style and functionality are why they are a very popular option for most situations. 


Whether you’re after a retaining wall for stability, let’s say for around the house, or visual appearance within your garden area, these are probably a solid option for you.


That’s not to say you can discount the other styles of retaining walls, they all have their positive points, but in terms of overall durability concrete sleeper retaining walls are the way to go. So let’s take a look at why they would be a good option for your Central Coast property.


Concrete Retaining Walls Offer Loads Of Options.


There attractive to the eye, especially with the patterns on offer and what we can do for you.

They are very durable. You won’t have any worries for years.


And can be cost-effective in terms of labour, compared to let’s say a stone retaining wall where you have to build the wall stone by stone.

Building your new Central Coast concrete sleeper retaining wall for your property is a pretty simple process, for us that is. Although there is a step by step process involved that should be done by a qualified Central Coast retaining wall builder. 


And of course, that’s where we can help. You want to make sure it’s done right the first time otherwise it won’t last as long as it should. You want to make sure the structure is where it needs to be in order for your wall to be the most effective for years to come.  

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Benefits Of A Central Coast Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall.


There are no prizes for guessing what these retaining walls are made of. These concrete sleeper retaining walls are as strong as they come, as they are steel reinforced. They are structurally good to go for walls up to .2.5 metres high. Although this can vary depending on a few factors. And if there’s a need for it we can go higher. 


The first point of call with your new concrete sleeper retaining wall is the colour or look of the wall. You have a number of colours to choose from. Just so you know. The colours are mixed through the cement, doing it this way stops the colour fading over time, giving you a better product.


You also have different profiles as well. All that means is you can have different looks. For example. You can get a concrete sleeper to look like timber. You can also get your sleepers in different sizes and thickness. Pretty cool ha. You have options.


Advantages of Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls.


There’s a number of advantages to using concrete sleepers in retaining walls.  These include:

    • Resistant to termites and other insects, they can’t eat them.
    • A very strong product
    • They will not rot, split, or splinter like a normal timber sleeper
    • They are very low in maintenance
    • The retaining walls are relatively quick and easy to build
    • These walls will last for many years
    • Great for use on boundaries or other tight spaces.
    • Excellent for structural purposes like leveling land. Eg, for a house.


The core structure of these retaining walls are the modular posts in their construction, it is very possible you could go out and build these walls yourself if you have the confidence to do so. The key here is the leveling and the footing, this is very important. 

Higher walls may require the use of steel I-beams to support the sleepers, which are concreted into the ground. So the conclusion is to make sure you do some research before you go ahead with your new concrete sleeper retaining wall.

The massive benefits of using a professional landscaper for your retaining wall is the fact we have cover on all our work and we know what we are doing.  


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