Today we are going to look at some of the paving options you have available to you when looking at designing your garden. Paving is a great way to add some practical and functional features to your outdoor area. Whether it’s a small paved area or you’re looking at a complete verandah paved area, paving is a stylish way to add some functionality and practical living space to your outdoor living area.

I’m sure you have, I know I have. Walked out onto the backyard and you step into some sort of muddy area, or even a dry section or lawn, It’s not ideal, especially if your the entertainer type of have a family.

Paving is a cost-effective solution to create the outdoor space you want while not putting a dent in your finances. A call to us and we’ll have you enjoying your newly paved area for years to come.

On a side note. If you’re looking to renovate for sale and you’re weighing up your options for a cost-effective tidy up around the house as well as looking to add some quick value to your property, paving might be a great option for you to look into. And again it’s an area we can definitely help you.

All I want to do in today’s article is to give you some ideas as to what’s possible with pavers. Maybe you already have your ideas locked in. If not, that’s cool hopefully I can give you a few paving ideas.


This is not going to be a surprise to you, we all know about paths and the benefits they can give you around the house. It’s often a nice feature to add to your property, either at the front leading to your door or even around the side of the house. For out the back, you have a number of options depending on the size of your property and the density of your yard.

Pathways are a great way to add a little adventure in your yard, especially for the younger ones. If you have some well-grown areas around the house a path is a way of breaking through areas like that. You can create a little sitting area out back and the use of a pathway to that area is an option. It breaks up the area a bit.

A path doesn’t always need to go in a straight line. You can add variations. And a path doesn’t always need to be a path. You can always add large pavers in a stepping stone formation to add a little difference to your yard. The options are plenty, colours and styles as well as the actual size of each paver, small or large. That’s what makes it interesting


Elegant Or Rustic Outdoor Area

What’s your style? Or let’s say what’s the style of your property. Most of us enjoy the outdoors, especially if it’s for a cuppa out the back relaxing in your own little getaway while reading a book. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We all deserve our little area of relaxation.

Basically, all I’m getting at here is paving is a great way to create these little getaways within your backyard. And whether it’s a modern style you’re after or you’re looking at more of a rustic or traditional look, the great think with paving it’s so versatile. You can create a number of looks with paving alone. Then create your landscaped area around that. On the other hand, paving is an excellent solution for creating more outdoor living space. Especially if it’s connected to your home. You have so many options. That’s the beauty of paving your property exactly the way you want it


Highlight Features of Your Yard

Highlights are very similar to what I was talking about above. It’s all about creating little spaces within your garden. An example would be to create a highlight feature with a  water feature as the feature. This is a great way to create sections within your property. We have done this for clients that don’t want to landscape their entire property, but want something unique to the yard. It usually comes down to budget, having said that creating these sections is a great way to save on landscaping and adds a different element to the home.

Creating Walkways Through Your Garden

I’ve touched on this before. Creating paved walkways throughout your property is a great way to add a little curiosity to the outdoors. Having said that. This will only work on a larger property. Not the thing you would or could do on a small property. If you have a large well-developed block, creating pathways is a nice touch. And the kids love it, especially if it leads to somewhere. Anyway, these are things for you to think about. Of course, it comes down to budget and space, but even with a small block, you can do great things. If all else fails and you have a small block you could easily pave the whole area, this takes away any lawn that you might need to look after. It’s not as silly as it sounds.


I hope you have got a few ideas from this article. Ready to move forward and you’d like to get a quote for a paving project you have, please give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling. We are your local central coast pavers.