Having a new paved area within your property is something as landscapers we often look back on with total satisfaction. Because we see the longterm benefits, so I’ll assume our clients are no different, is exactly what we try to achieve with this type of paving.


In our eyes, a patio is a very versatile and practical way to combine the indoors with the out.  And using pavers to achieve this is also a cost-effective solution to anyone wanting an outdoor area to relax and enjoy for many years.


In this article, we want to take a look at the benefits of paving your patio. A patio is like an extension on your home. It will add style, practicality and convenience to your property.

Although I’m sure you have a pretty good idea, let’s take a look at the main benefits of having patio paved.

Space to Entertain

Pretty self-explanatory, and most likely one of the reasons why you’re looking a patio. It’s often an outdoor room especially if you go ahead and enclose the area. A great place to add outdoor furniture, possibly a BBQ of course depending on whether the patio is enclosed or not, a place to relax with a hammock or a nice chair. Plenty of options.

A patio gives you the option to increase the quality or your time with your family and friends, especially in the summer months.

Property Value

Not the sole reason for building a patio. But if you ever decide to sell, a patio has the potential to increase the total value of your property. Often most people looking for a house will see the value of an outdoor area and if your property is competing with a property that doesn’t have an outdoor area, well it gives you an advantage.


Design Value

If you have a blank canvas, a patio is a great way to add design to your property. There are no restrictions to the shape and style of your patio, except land size, so you can have a bit of fun with the design process. You can add extra visual appeal to your property through the use of colours, design and style of your new patio area. Adding a patio to your outdoor area allows you to express yourself a little. You can go all out and have blinds or just an open outdoor area. Up to you.

Easy Repairs

Repairing a patio can be an easy process if the damage is small. As opposed to having a concrete patio. The repair process can be as simple as replacing a paver. If the ground has stabilization issues you can again just remove the pavers and level out the area then replace the pavers back. This is a much better option than needing to replace a concrete area.


Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of having a paved area is the low maintenance factors involved. Pavers last a long time and the best and most effective way to keep them looking great is a good old scrub every now and then. If needed a water pressure will get them looking new. So at the end of the day pavers add that low maintenance factor. Which of course helps.


As you can see there’s a load of benefits to building a patio area with pavers. If you’re looking for a professional and affordable landscaping team, we are your Central Coast pavers, Give us a call. We offer free quotes on all our work.