When it comes to looking at cost-effective ways to improve your outdoor area, one of the first things you often look at is paving. Paving your outdoor area can be a great way to bring your outdoor area to life. Let’s assume you’re looking at creating a patio area in your backyard, paving would be a great way to go, especially if you’re looking to entertain or even have a place to enjoy those summer months. A paved area is like an outdoor extension of your home, your bringing the indoors out.

Using pavers to create an outdoor living area can not only add a wow factor to your property but also adds real property value to your home as well. Anytime you have a practical and usable outdoor area as part of your outdoor living area, over let’s say a garden area or turf, you’re adding a lot of practical use to your home, which of course adds to the outdoor aspect. And the Central Coast is no different.

Choosing your pavers can be a challenge, especially if your knowledge is limited, and being a big decision, It’s not like you can go after a week, no I don’t like that let’s choose another type of paver. Nope, this is a longterm choice and I can understand why it’s a big decision. And it’s something you want to get right the first time I’m sure.

The good this is, this is where we come into play and can advise you on the best options for the area your looking at. Depending on the area, a patio, a pathway or even a driveway, you want to make sure you get the right paver for the right area.

Having said that. Let’s now take a look at your paving options, let’s take a look at the different types of pavers you could go for. As what might be a good paver for a pathway might not be a good option for a driveway. Also, you’re going to need to look at the type of pavers you want, classic or modern, this will, of course, depends on the style of your home, There’s no point going for a classic look if you have a modern looking house, just my opinion. In some cases, it may work, but the whole point is you want to blend in the look of the outdoor area with your home, Colour is also a factor.


Along with that, most of the time we all have a budget we need to work within when we are looking at these types of landscaping jobs. This will come into play when you look at your paving options, of course, the prices will vary depending on the type you go after. Again this is where we can help you with the selection process, and often there are ways we can fit within your budget with how we design your paved area. We will have options for you to explore.


So let’s get into the different options you’ll have available to you.

Often this is the overwhelming area. Often you’ll already have an idea which is great for us to start with.


Concrete Paving. Concrete pavers are the go-to paver when you want an economical but versatile paver. These pavers come in a number of colours and sizes. You have plenty of options with this type of paver.

Permeable Paving. If you’re looking for an environmental friendly paver. This might be your option. These pavers allow water to flow through each paver into the ground. Reducing the chance of puddles.

Clay Pavers. Once again clay paving is a good option if you’re on a budget. They come in a huge range of colours. You have a few style options with the clay paver.

Brick Pavers. Again very cost efficient. If you’re after a classic look maybe a brick paver is a good option for you. You can often pick up bricks second hand. Something to consider when we have a chat about your paving job.

Natural Stone Pavers. For top of the range class and modern style. Natural stone is where to go. These can be the most expensive option but will last for a while if looked after and they look amazing. If you are flexible with costs you might want to give this a look.

Again this is just an overview of each paver, we can go over things in more detail when you arrange a quote. So if you’re after an affordable and professional Central Coast Paver please give us a call to book in a free on-site quote.